Meaning of jet-lagged in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛtlaɡd/

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‘Earlier in the week Athy had beaten an under-strength and jet-lagged Round Towers in the quarter-final, - 9 to - 3.’
  • ‘His features relaxed; he looked heat-wilted, jet-lagged, exhausted and, well, human.’
  • ‘You are constantly jet-lagged, knackered or hung-over.’
  • ‘Yet the clearly exhausted and jet-lagged international best-selling author radiates conviviality.’
  • ‘I'd been overseas the week before and was tired and jet-lagged at the start.’
  • ‘What if I have to spend tomorrow, yet again, in that weird state of tearful, jet-lagged exhaustion that lack of sleep creates?’
  • ‘The President has issued only a limited statement, saying his daughter was jet-lagged and exhausted, but doing fine.’
  • ‘So I would leave it to the very last minute, almost too late, and I would get to California jet-lagged and would open the next day.’
  • ‘‘It's quite a prestigious thing,’ says the Lagos-born, London-raised Goel, just back and jet-lagged from shooting in Paris for five days.’
  • ‘This post could really use some editing, but I'm jet-lagged and losing it, so sleep is going to have to come first.’
  • ‘For much of the shoot, she was jet-lagged: ‘I felt very disorientated while I was there.’’
  • ‘I'm back from Hong Kong, and seriously jet-lagged.’
  • ‘Over the years, Stampi has attracted a diverse clientele, from NASA astronauts and long-haul truckers to jet-lagged CEOs.’
  • ‘But I was still jet-lagged from visiting 99-year-old Mum in the U.K., so I luckily postponed my visit.’
  • ‘‘It's unfortunate that I was terribly jet-lagged,’ he says now.’
  • ‘I'm not going to remember anything anyway when I'm jet-lagged.’
  • ‘I see them again at their arrival orientation, when they are jet-lagged but excited, amazed that the summer has finally arrived.’
  • ‘My first afternoon in Rome I was a jet-lagged wreck.’
  • ‘At the end of the long round, Montgomerie - badly jet-lagged after flying in from South Africa - gave a press conference to the assembled media.’
  • ‘Their bodies are in the classroom but their brains are jet-lagged, somewhere in London, and they never left home.’