Meaning of jet engine in English:

jet engine



  • An engine using jet propulsion for forward thrust, mainly used for aircraft.

    ‘Most modern high-speed aircraft use a very different type of engine - the jet engine.’
    • ‘After World War II, the jet engine revolutionized bomber aircraft.’
    • ‘The jet engine and the rocket engine have different nozzles because they are harnessing two different kinds of propulsion.’
    • ‘Both a jet engine and a rocket engine function by expelling hot gases opposite to the direction of desired acceleration.’
    • ‘The small, winged AGM-86B is powered by a turbofan jet engine that propels it at sustained subsonic speeds.’
    • ‘Developed in Holland it is driven by a helicopter, Rolls Royce jet engine equipped with an afterburner.’
    • ‘The propeller or the jet engine of an aircraft pushes air backwards to propel the aircraft forward.’
    • ‘He also said the engine looked like a jet engine.’
    • ‘And in the eternal battle against eagle and jet engine, I tended to root for the jet engine.’
    • ‘The Wright's may have invented the first real aeroplane, but the credit for the invention of the jet engine goes to Sir Frank Whittle.’
    • ‘Not only was the jet engine barely a working idea but the advantages of the swept wing simply were not known.’
    • ‘A single bird can totally destroy a jet engine or tear a hole in an aircraft's fuselage or windscreen.’
    • ‘The sound of the rotary is unmistakably unique, somewhere between a jet engine and a turbine.’
    • ‘To produce electricity, natural gas is burned in a turbine similar to a jet engine, and the turbine runs a generator.’
    • ‘The bottom side looked like turbine blades in a jet engine, but they were moving slow enough to see.’
    • ‘A conventional jet engine does this as well but theoretically a scramjet can operate at much higher speeds.’
    • ‘Likewise, a jet engine producing 5,000 pounds of thrust could hold 5,000 pounds of material suspended in the air.’
    • ‘There was a muted roar combined with a yelp from Happy as the Turbo jet engine started.’
    • ‘On June 10 Honda flew its latest jet engine design for the first time.’
    • ‘The Tucano is meant to handle like a jet engine and, despite its propellers, it also has a turbine engine.’