Meaning of jeté in English:


Pronunciation /ʒəˈteɪ/


  • A jump in which a dancer springs from one foot to land on the other with one leg extended outwards from the body while in the air.

    ‘There was a beautifully pregnant pause in the finish of tour jetés, which allowed us to see the stretched and steady arabesque in landing.’
    • ‘Both danced their socks off - and it's not often that I have seen grand jetés performed so simultaneously by a couple!’
    • ‘And they must land from jeté turned-in - everything they learned not to do at school.’
    • ‘Imagine hundreds of people dancing, not walking, out of an opera house in grand jetés, swirling in pirouettes.’
    • ‘But Fletcher could also move, slicing the air with grand jetés that soared across the stage.’


French, past participle of jeter ‘to throw’.