Meaning of jetpack in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛtpak/


  • (especially in science fiction) a device worn over the shoulders like a backpack and enabling the wearer to travel through the air or through space by means of jet propulsion.

    ‘he strapped on a jetpack and left the safety of the space shuttle to haul a broken satellite back to the ship’
    • ‘They steered themselves to the top of the hull, tiny mists of air spurting out of the jetpack.’
    • ‘Our hero, that kid riding the jetpack in all the promo shots, is Ray Steam.’
    • ‘For quick strikes, you may want to attach an energy pack to continually power your weapons and jetpack.’
    • ‘Has anyone ever built a working prototype of a jetpack?’
    • ‘Public transport would be more fuel-efficient, but it's slow, and my personal jetpack is on a long waiting list.’
    • ‘You are equipped with a spacesuit, a jetpack, and a gun.’
    • ‘Scientists have been trying to devise working jetpacks for years.’
    • ‘Most food today would still be recognisable to our grandparents and jetpacks are mostly confined to James Bond movies.’
    • ‘In movies and comics jetpacks are the ultimate superhero accessory.’
    • ‘Unbelievably, buyers will not even need a pilot's license because aviation laws state the jetpacks are not heavy enough to require one.’


1950s from jet and pack.