Meaning of jewel beetle in English:

jewel beetle


  • A chiefly tropical beetle that has bold metallic colours and patterns. The larvae are mainly wood-borers and may be serious pests of timber.

    Family Buprestidae: numerous genera

    ‘Scientists have calculated that the European jewel beetle Melanophila acuminata, about 1 cm. in length, can detect a 25-acre forest fire from 7.5 miles away.’
    • ‘The jewel beetle, Melanophila acuminate, is a living fire detector.’
    • ‘The University of Bonn uses the infrared-sensitive sensors of the jewel beetle as a template for a remote fire-sensitive network.’
    • ‘Beginning in the Meiji period, mushiya, or shops that sold singing insects, fireflies, and jewel beetles as well as cages and trapping devices, began to spring up.’
    • ‘Apart from these two insects, people in South Africa eat other species of Lepidoptera larvae, termites, locusts, white-grubs, jewel beetles and a few other insects.’