Meaning of jewel box in English:

jewel box


  • 1A bivalve mollusc which has a robust shell with a rough or spiny surface. It lives in warm seas, attached to rock or coral.

    Family Chamidae: Chama and other genera

  • 2

    (also jewel case)
    A storage box for a CD.

    ‘Inside the box is a quad jewel case with four CDs.’
    • ‘If you sell CDs online, for example, your jewel case provider will feel the impact in terms of more orders from you.’
    • ‘She opened the jewel case and dropped the CD into the room's music centre.’
    • ‘He took the jewel case out of the cardboard box and studied the CD.’
    • ‘He smiled, reached into the invisible depths of his box, and pulled out a shiny jewel case with an unmarked CD in it.’
    • ‘The CSI package is a huge disappointment as once inside the box you'll find nothing except for a quad jewel case.’
    • ‘On the CD jewel case, you can see a sticker: ‘WARNING: This CD contains pure intervals which may be habit forming!’’
    • ‘Besides the sparsely clothed model on the cover of the jewel case, the first thing that caught my eyes was the word, reggaetron.’
    • ‘Besides, you got to ride your sister's bike there (the one that has the Barbie stickers), and your pockets can't hold a CD jewel case.’
    • ‘Don't bend and force the discs out of the jewel case.’
    • ‘I just can't care about a CD in a jewel case that much.’
    • ‘Abhidar opened the jewel case, and looked inside.’
    • ‘However, the cover is purely pictorial, so a further sticker saying ‘The White Stripes ELEPHANT’ had been stuck on the front of the jewel case.’
    • ‘I drew the picture on the inside of the jewel case.’
    • ‘Axal reached underneath the nearest synthesizer board and came back up with a naked jewel case containing a blank-faced silver CD.’
    • ‘You know, I'd be real surprised if Mark Arm and Grady Runyan aren't already sleeping with the jewel case under their pillows each night.’
    • ‘There's a good utility knife in the knife block, perfect for cutting the cellophane without risking damaging the CD jewel case.’
    • ‘I made a face at him, closing the jewel case with a snap.’
    • ‘There was a letter attached, two pages, and a CD in a jewel case.’
    • ‘The sticker on the jewel case informs us that Young Heart Attack sound like ‘AC/DC jamming with The Supremes’.’