Meaning of Jheri curl in English:

Jheri curl


  • A black male hairstyle in which the hair is styled into tight ringlets with a glossy finish.

    ‘Michael seemingly had perfected himself in a surgically cosmetic way, his Jheri curl was state of the art, and he exulted in the torturing of the beautiful Ola Ray.’
    • ‘When you get to Man U., if he's there, can you try and get Ronaldinho to do something about his Jheri curl?’
    • ‘Now, I'm not one to judge, but dudes, he had a Jheri curl.’
    • ‘Run-DMC and LL Cool J had made the sequined glove and Jheri curl culturally irrelevant.’


From the nickname of Robert William Redding (1907–98), the American developer of the haircare product used to create the style.