Meaning of jird in English:


Pronunciation /dʒəːd/


  • A long-tailed burrowing rodent related to the gerbils, found in deserts and steppes from North Africa to China.

    Genus Meriones, family Muridae: several species

    ‘Popular names are Mongolian gerbil and clawed jird.’
    • ‘Most bushy tail jirds welcome cage companions but they treat humans like part of their terrain to be explored.’
    • ‘Male jirds naturally spend most of their time above ground and can be housed in a cage or tank.’
    • ‘In the wild a male jird may mate up to 200 times in a single day.’
    • ‘The Shaw's jird is the most popular followed by the Sundevall jird and Libyan jird.’
    • ‘The jird is able to exploit low quality roughage and has a low energy requirement.’
    • ‘The Persian jird is resistant to infection by the plague whereas Tristram's jird is highly susceptible to plague infection and disease.’
    • ‘Tristram's jird is abundant in foothills and plateau of the Talysh.’
    • ‘The Libyan jird for instance lives solitaire in Algeria, which is a type - 1 area, but lives in groups in Pakistan!’


From Berber (a)gherda.