Meaning of job holder in English:

job holder


mainly British
  • A person who has a particular job or position.

    ‘the job holder will be responsible for leading a small team’
    • ‘most of our employees are first-time job holders’
    • ‘Building the necessary team to support the growing agenda will also be an accountability of the job holder.’
    • ‘The Job Holder should be a graduate BSc or equivalent in an analytical chemistry or biological discipline.’
    • ‘There's nothing wrong with the job of bank teller, nothing at all if the job holder enjoys the work.’
    • ‘The evaluation process is concerned with the job and not the job holder.’
    • ‘Can you show us any available housing for the low-income job holders?’
    • ‘These standards specify the knowledge and performance criteria that job holders need in order to be competent.’
    • ‘Although the country has already become an aging society, senior citizens over 55 account for a mere 3.7 percent of total job holders, the study revealed.’
    • ‘With more families with two full-time job holders, there were more and more households in which time was scarcer than money.’
    • ‘The job-holder contributes to the benefit risk evaluation and to safety risk management.’
    • ‘We will provide the job-holder with opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge by excellent training opportunities in the field of RNA biology.’