Meaning of jockstrap in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɒkstrap/

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  • A support or protection for the male genitals, worn especially by sportsmen.

    ‘I think, however, that boys should start wearing protective gear like jockstraps even at the 5th grade level.’
    • ‘I tried many styles of underwear and jockstraps looking for something to wear that would keep me from chafing when I bike and run.’
    • ‘Many Buffalo fans had their jockstraps in knots over the players who left the Bills in the offseason.’
    • ‘‘Kids today are not wearing jockstraps,’ answered spokesperson Jenny Shulman matter-of-factly.’
    • ‘No one wants to ruffle anyone else's jockstraps.’
    • ‘Every guy that's ever put on a jockstrap has gone through it, no matter how good you are, and they're just miserable things.’
    • ‘By the by, Thompson went out trick or treating, as they say, last Halloween wearing nothing but a turban, a jockstrap and some lipstick, he says.’
    • ‘Another polo acquaintance stole one of Rubi's jockstraps and nailed it up in the barn where he kept his breeding stallions, as a good luck charm.’
    • ‘Enter the junkyard jungle gym and slowly clamber through it, stripping to your jockstrap at the halfway mark.’
    • ‘He even went so far as to take a crew of reporters with him while he went to a sporting goods store to buy a jockstrap.’
    • ‘‘We have to wear jockstraps though,’ he adds, wincing.’
    • ‘You're the one who left his lucky jockstrap on the field.’
    • ‘Brian could see that the man was wearing a jockstrap.’
    • ‘It would be like giving her a jockstrap or a cheeseburger.’
    • ‘He used to peel down to his jockstrap, muscles glistening, sly grin flashing, while firing cryptic answers at the media, which he loathed.’
    • ‘And then one time a jockstrap that I wore when I did Cabaret ended up on eBay.’
    • ‘Still, I'll say this for Kennedy: at least he never dragged the press along to watch him buy a jockstrap.’
    • ‘I remember Auntie Mame as having the first jockstrap joke I ever encountered.’
    • ‘He also likes to wear the same jockstrap throughout the campaign.’
    • ‘Though I've yet to come across any program involving a jockstrap fashion show, I figure Jenny Jones has to get to it eventually.’
    sportswoman, sportsman, sportsperson


Late 19th century from slang jock ‘genitals’ (of unknown origin) + strap.