Meaning of Joe Blake in English:

Joe Blake

Pronunciation /dʒəʊ ˈbleɪk/


rhyming slang
  • 1Australian A snake.

    ‘Strange to say, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Atlas of Moonee Nature Reserve doesn't list this Joe Blake.’
    • ‘Our guide, Peter, pointed out the cormorants, kites and spoonbills resting in the gums and coolabah trees and warned us about the Joe Blakes.’
  • 2

    (also Joe Blakes)
    Australian, New Zealand The shakes; delirium tremens.

    ‘It's enough to give a bloke the Joe Blakes.’
    • ‘It looks like someone who has been binge drinking woke up with the "Joe Blakes."’
    a fit of trembling, delirium tremens, tremors