Meaning of jog someone's memory in English:

jog someone's memory


  • Cause someone to remember something suddenly.

    ‘I wanted to see if the clothes would jog her memory’
    • ‘It jogged my memory and I remembered an article I had read in a Sunday Observer sometime earlier this year, say in March or April.’
    • ‘Our petrolhead talk, however, has jogged his memory and he suddenly interrupts himself.’
    • ‘Something laughed outside the door, a poisonous sound that suddenly jogged his memory and mind.’
    • ‘I had two encounters that jogged my memory about memory.’
    • ‘She then jogged his memory that they had a cat named Jack.’
    • ‘I just hope this jogs someone else's memory, because he may have asked others for directions.’
    • ‘Today, officers are due to flood the West Swindon shopping centre to canvas passers-by in the hope of jogging the public's memory.’
    • ‘Several old photos that have been published in the ‘Western People’ have jogged many memories of that old line.’
    • ‘Police issued a picture of a similar Subaru Impreza, a WRX model worth about £26,000, in a bid to jog people's memories.’
    • ‘But if that information gets out, can't that help jog some people's memories in the public and help this investigation?’
    stimulate, prompt, stir, activate, arouse