Meaning of John Dory in English:

John Dory

Pronunciation /dʒɒn ˈdɔːri/

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nounplural noun John Dories

  • An edible dory (fish) of the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean, with a black oval mark on each side.

    Zeus faber, family Zeidae

    ‘Big female cuckoo wrasse, pollack, several bib and a John Dory were all I could see, although my view was slightly obscured by several fronds of kelp.’
    • ‘All I knew about the boarfish was that it resembled a John Dory, and was rarely seen - probably because, as most marine life books agree, it lives at depths of 100-400m!’
    • ‘The alternative story is that St Peter threw a John Dory back into the sea after it had engaged his sympathy by making distressed noises.’
    • ‘When photographing a John Dory I have usually tried to get the standard side-on profile shot.’
    • ‘Another diver in the party spotted a John Dory, and these appear to be quite common in the area.’