Meaning of join forces in English:

join forces


  • Combine efforts.

    ‘individuals and organizations have joined forces to provide fundraising facilities’
    • ‘A group of military doctors and engineers have joined forces in an experimental effort to find out.’
    • ‘The premier reiterated Asian countries need to step up efforts to join forces to ensure the balance of the global economy.’
    • ‘Now, outraged people all over the UK will be joining forces to force it off the air again.’
    • ‘Ground Force will also join forces with the Eden Project to create a Garden for Africa before the show comes to a close.’
    • ‘You just saw the picture of Democrats and Republicans in New Orleans joining forces to support the recovery effort.’
    • ‘Three of the biggest employees in York and Selby are joining forces to provide better child care facilities for their staff.’
    • ‘The idea is that when you put your foot down the electric motor and the V6 join forces to provide Herculean power.’
    • ‘Cosmologists and particle physicists have therefore joined forces in the study of the early history of the Universe.’
    • ‘If you want to join forces with such organizations, that is your privilege.’
    • ‘Environmentally-friendly fast food workers joined forces with pre-school youngsters to beat the litter bugs.’