Meaning of joined-up in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʒɔɪndˈʌp/

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  • 1(of handwriting) written with the characters joined; cursive.

    ‘‘I can't do joined-up writing anymore so every word of this book was written in capitals,’ he explains.’
    • ‘‘Headman Mostephus taught me to read joined-up letters while we were here,’ Alima cajoled.’
    • ‘People will use joined-up writing - even when they're told not to.’
    • ‘It wasn't like now when people who can do joined-up writing want to become chefs.’
    1. 1.1(especially of a policy) characterized by coordination and coherence of thought; integrated.
      ‘a joined-up approach to rural poverty, public services and employment’
      • ‘he blamed the problem on a lack of joined-up thinking’
      • ‘It is disappointing there has been no joined-up thinking.’
      • ‘Arguably, Limerick has the most expansive joined-up area of disadvantage that exists in the country.’
      • ‘‘We need joined-up thinking [to solve the skills shortage] and a joined up response,’ she said.’
      • ‘The building control and planning departments should work together and show a bit of joined-up thinking.’
      • ‘It is about joined-up thinking and processes and not just piece-meal actions and decisions.’
      • ‘There needs to be more joined-up thinking between all the health trusts.’
      • ‘‘People don't want joined-up membership,’ says Neilson.’
      • ‘This is the sort of lack of joined-up thinking that's getting in the way of what disabled people need.’
      • ‘Ireland is younger, more sallow, better educated, more vibrant and more in need of joined-up thinking than ever before.’
      • ‘They seem incapable of that level of joined-up thinking.’
      • ‘This is certainly not a joined-up local economic agenda.’
      • ‘In short, why aren't children getting more joined-up teaching?’
      • ‘If ever politicians should learn and adopt a process of joined-up thinking they'll get even more interesting.’
      • ‘Closing the pool hardly seems like an example of joined-up thinking.’
      • ‘This is not joined-up thinking, and remember who is paying for all this.’
      • ‘Real joined-up thinking would mean a concerted attempt to take the heat off the south-east.’
      • ‘Dublin also needs, as we have said before, joined-up thinking in relation to transport.’
      • ‘He said it was not just a lack of joined-up thinking on business issues that had concerned the Chamber.’
      • ‘We have been successful because we have worked towards common goals in a joined-up way.’
      • ‘For a change it seems that some joined-up thinking is going on, at least in the Treasury.’
      reasoned, well reasoned, rational, sound, cogent, well thought out, valid