Meaning of joint and several in English:

joint and several


  • (of a legal obligation) undertaken by two or more people, each individual having liability for the whole.

    ‘liability will be joint and several where the loan is in joint names’
    • ‘We're continuing in our efforts to have joint and several liability replaced by a modified proportionate liability regime similar to the federal corporations act.’
    • ‘There are justifiable arguments amongst those who are caught by the joint and several liability scheme that we should have proportionate liability.’
    • ‘Midland Bank had joint and several personal guarantees from Mr Ebert and Mr Wolff, limited in each case to a right to recover £100,000 plus interest.’
    • ‘Where several parties are liable, which is clearly possible, liability is joint and several.’
    • ‘Where more than one trustee is responsible for the acquisition their liability is joint and several.’
    • ‘Where two or more persons are liable by virtue of this Part for the same damage, their liability shall be joint and several.’
    • ‘Where more than one bank is acting as underwriter, there needs to be an agreement on whether their liability is several, or joint and several.’
    • ‘The liability of IWS and Chester is several, not joint and several.’
    • ‘There are no express words making the liability of SE and SC joint and several, let alone several.’
    • ‘Does your argument then depend on the fact that the relevant warranties are joint and several?’
    • ‘They are covered by proportionate liability, compared with the system in New Zealand where the liability is joint and several.’
    • ‘Liability to pay punitive damages should also be several rather than joint, or joint and several.’
    • ‘The presumption is that a promise made by two or more persons is joint so that express words are necessary to make it joint and several.’
    • ‘This letter is a formal notification of your joint and several liability.’
    • ‘Any joint liability is always a joint and several liability.’
    • ‘The declaration of joint and several liability in the mandate is not intended to go, and should not be construed as going, further than this.’
    • ‘How might the interests of the plaintiff be protected if joint and several liability is abolished or modified?’
    • ‘The costs awarded, as set forth above, are payable by the plaintiffs on a joint and several basis within sixty days.’
    • ‘Advocates of joint and several liability cite a basic rationale from common law.’