Meaning of joint committee in English:

joint committee


  • A committee whose members are from two or more different organizations, or from both chambers of a bicameral legislative body (such as the British Parliament)

    ‘the Justice Secretary announced that a joint committee of MPs and peers would consider three options’
    • ‘The Congress has to decide its own convention with the Joint Committee on Taxation.’
    • ‘Negotiation at the joint committee level might be a way for unions to enter this domain without feeling marginalised.’
    • ‘The project is run by a joint committee of 20 people, both councilors and residents' representatives.’
    • ‘It's a bit premature for the Irish government to be talking about issues of money, as the joint committee does not report until March.’
    • ‘The chairman of the joint committee said that the signalling system may well have to be abandoned.’
    • ‘Union officials have been co-opted onto joint committees with management.’
    • ‘A few local authorities have formed joint committees with the intention of securing co-ordination on licensing matters over a wider area.’
    • ‘Department officials announced that they planned to develop an easy-access database during a joint committee hearing with concerned state legislators.’
    • ‘The joint committee of owners will meet a second time before the full Board of Governors convenes later this month.’
    • ‘The joint committee is being asked to examine three options.’