Significado de joint custody en en inglés

joint custody


mass noun
  • Legal custody of a child or children that is shared by both parents after divorce or separation.

    ‘the two have joint custody of their sons’
    • ‘he was recently divorced and has joint custody of his two young children’
    • ‘He cited the usual irreconcilable differences and is seeking joint custody, according to the divorce petition in Los Angeles Superior Court.’
    • ‘The hip-hop star countered his ex's request for full physical custody by asking that the court grant him joint custody and visitation rights.’
    • ‘He claimed his relationship with Ann has never been better following their divorce in 2011, when they agreed to joint custody.’
    • ‘In March, 2001, the father moved for interim joint custody with the children's primary residence to be with him.’
    • ‘The present order in place is one of joint custody with residence of Tina with her mother.’
    • ‘Given the history between these people, there is little or no chance that joint custody could work in this case.’
    • ‘The parties agreed to a joint custody providing daily care to mother with generous access to father.’
    • ‘The father seeks an order for interim joint custody with both children to reside with him while the mother recovers from her injuries sustained in a riding accident.’
    • ‘The couple have two children, Alex and Maria, and the filing requests joint custody.’
    • ‘Morris and her husband now have a joint custody agreement, set to be finalized during a court hearing on Wednesday.’