Meaning of joint effort in English:

joint effort


  • Something done by two or more people or groups working together.

    ‘the campaign was a joint effort by police forces nationwide’
    • ‘it was a joint effort between the two of us’
    • ‘Their first joint effort at a 'serious' film was not a success.’
    • ‘People have to be open and honest in their joint efforts to get and distribute accurate information.’
    • ‘A joint effort from three firms won the competition.’
    • ‘He aided communication and joint efforts among the states in addition to establishing networks with other USDA agencies and nongovernmental groups.’
    • ‘It's through this kind of joint effort that I believe we'll move forward.’
    • ‘The recognition reflects the team's hard work, dedication and joint effort.’
    • ‘Within four years of their joint efforts, sales went from $500 million in 1995 to over $1.2 billion in 1999.’
    • ‘He said the international community should make joint efforts to reduce the gap between the North and the South.’
    • ‘A Japanese group presented a proposal for joint efforts on priority issues including AIDS and education.’
    • ‘He welcomed the compliance mechanism as part of a joint effort from government and industry to "ensure that projects can be more successful in the future".’