Meaning of joint management in English:

joint management


mass noun
  • The fact or process of managing something together with another person or group.

    ‘the simulation was under the joint management of NASA and the European Space Agency’
    • ‘the first meeting of the joint management committee took place in March’
    • ‘The Palace Theatre, in London Road, is to reopen next week under joint management with the Cliffs Pavilion, in Station Road.’
    • ‘He is one of the key negotiators of the park's handover and joint management.’
    • ‘Under the proposal the college and club would share facilities and coaching staff and establish a joint management arrangement, possibly in the form of a trust or charity.’
    • ‘Service interdependent processes lend themselves to joint management and control.’
    • ‘The schools now run the scheme under joint management and offer 300 children up to 30 different courses.’
    • ‘In addition, there has been a joint management and union committee investigating some of the allegations raised.’
    • ‘The most promising strategy to achieve these aims is based on a joint management approach, teaming the public and private sectors.’
    • ‘It could be exclusively handled by the community or be some form of collaborative or joint management with outside agencies.’
    • ‘The best approach for sustainable forest management is to foster initiatives that encourage joint management between concessionaires, communities and district government.’
    • ‘The starting point to a solution has got to be the joint management of resources.’