Meaning of joint ownership in English:

joint ownership

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mass noun
  • Ownership of a property or business that is shared by two or more people or organizations.

    ‘the land is in joint ownership’
    • ‘joint ownership can have considerable legal and tax benefits’
    • ‘She said she would advise anyone considering joint ownership to do the same.’
    • ‘Joint ownership confers 100% potential ownership on each joint owner.’
    • ‘He did as his father had suggested and had joint ownership with his brother.’
    • ‘He later succumbed to pressure from his lawyers and switched his shares back to joint ownership.’
    • ‘On both occasions he failed to declare a bank account and joint ownership of a property in Bristol.’
    • ‘In cases of joint ownership, it is important to be clear about the amount of capital each party puts forward and the amount borrowed by each.’
    • ‘Although nominally the enterprise is under the joint ownership of the government and the people, in reality the government has complete power and authority.’
    • ‘He lost a $20 million arbitration grievance accusing Stone of breaching their joint ownership agreement.’
    • ‘Joint ownership would allow for a national service, instead of it being controlled by just one cable company.’
    • ‘We have a very clear vision of how we want West Ham United to operate under our joint ownership.’