Meaning of joking apart in English:

joking apart


  • Said to indicate that one is being serious, especially after making a joke.

    ‘joking apart, I really appreciate this sort of help’
    • ‘Joking apart, the RBS Group corporate report is a document of historic importance.’
    • ‘Joking apart, Faldo is still held in awe by the younger players.’
    • ‘Joking apart, my husband has been moaning at me for weeks to fly to the UK where I would be safe.’
    • ‘Joking apart I really appreciate this sort of help.’
    • ‘Joking apart, Nolan knows full well that the next game - at Charlton on Saturday - is extremely important.’
    • ‘There might even be a case for some such publicity venture; joking apart, we can always do with fresh propaganda on party questions.’
    • ‘But joking apart, there is a growing tendency to get as far away as we can from their origin in the serving of meat dishes.’
    • ‘All joking apart, it is really a question of another example of hidden taxes pushing up (excuse the pun) the cost of living here.’
    • ‘All joking apart, the plaque was incredibly hard to focus on as the print was also rather worn and faded.’
    • ‘Joking apart, I was there and I can testify they were both wearing perfectly nice guy clothes from reputable shops.’