Meaning of jol in English:


Pronunciation /dʒɔːl/


informal South African
  • An occasion of celebration and enjoyment; a good time.

    • ‘the school holds two jols a term for the pupils’
    • ‘it's not all jol—she works very hard’
    • ‘Our guide points you in the right direction for a party, among other jols.’
    • ‘After 10 pm the party will head off to a venue to be announced at the party to continue the jol.’
    • ‘Back in the city we've got lots of great jols for you.’
    • ‘‘On weekends, the numbers swell and more than 500 revellers come through our doors for a jol,’ says Peterson.’
    • ‘All performances are free and the jol goes on for two full days, beginning on 31 August.’
    social gathering, gathering, social occasion, social event, social function, function, get-together, celebration, reunion, festivity, jamboree, reception, at-home, soirée, social

verbverb jols, verb jolling, verb jolled

[no object] informal South African
  • 1with adverbial of direction Set off; go.

    • ‘you could jol to the lake on a Sunday’
    • ‘What if, for example, in three months time, he is jolling along Florida Road on the way to his favourite restaurant, and he runs into Judge Hilary Squires?’
    • ‘You can jol down to Gold Reef City and go down an old gold mine and have a drink down there in an old donkey stable, if you like.’
  • 2Have a good time; celebrate in a lively way.

    • ‘everyone goes to clubs and jols till late’
    enjoy oneself, make merry, have fun, have a good time, have a wild time, rave, party, have a party, eat, drink, and be merry, revel, roister, carouse, kill the fatted calf, put the flag out, put the flags out
    1. 2.1Engage in a flirtation or a casual love affair.
      • ‘she started jolling with the manager and they ran away together’


Afrikaans, literally ‘party’.