Meaning of jollof rice in English:

jollof rice

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɒləf rʌɪs/


  • A West African stew made with rice, chilli peppers, and meat or fish.

    ‘A west African one-pot meal, jollof rice, is also popular.’
    • ‘Ambassador Fernandez bought Christian a house for $280,000 and sent him to London to learn how to prepare Nigerian dishes such as asaro (yam porridge) and jollof rice.’
    • ‘No disrespect intended, but have you and your husband tasted everyone's jollof rice to make such a statement?’
    • ‘Like fufu with peanut soup, jollof rice is a popular Ghanaian dish that is at its best with plenty of spice.’
    • ‘Presumably the argument is that whether a person ingests jollof rice voluntarily or does so because he or she is force-fed, the fact remains that they have eaten jollof rice.’


Jollof, variant of Wolof.