Meaning of joss house in English:

joss house


  • A Chinese temple.

    ‘Sui Sin Far places Pat and Pan in front of the joss house, in a Chinatown setting, in an effort to disrupt the social construction of racial identity, the imposition of Otherness on Chinese- and Eurasian Americans.’
    • ‘Each joss house was usually created and used by Chinese from the one village or district of origin.’
    • ‘The joss houses or temples of Chinatown have no external beauty save in the carved panels of their balconies.’
    • ‘Commonly called joss houses, some of these temples survived into the twentieth century.’
    • ‘The presence of two joss houses in such a small community is unusual - a subject Caltrans hopes to explore further in the interpretive report.’
    • ‘The fronts of the joss houses and the restaurants were brightened with many colored lanterns, quaint carved gilded woodwork, potted plants and dwarf trees.’
    • ‘Bendigo's Joss House is an internationally-known landmark, one of the oldest joss houses still in use as a place of worship in Australia.’