Meaning of jota in English:


Pronunciation /ˈxəʊtə/


  • A folk dance from northern Spain, danced by couples in fast triple time.

    ‘At another, with his castanets, he brought alive the feel of a jota, the popular Spanish folk dance.’
    • ‘Spain's ancient musical heritage includes bagpipe music in Galicia and Asturias, sardanas (circle dances) in Catalonia, flamenco dancing accompanied by the guitar in Andalusia, and the lively Aragonese dance called the jota.’
    • ‘Only men perform traditional or ritual dances, while both men and women perform recreational dances, or jota.’
    • ‘Moiseyev has added a few new dances, at least new to New York, including a hilarious sailor's dance called A Day on Board a Ship, as well as adaptations from Venezuela and Argentina and a sprightly Spanish jota.’