Meaning of Jovian in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒəʊvɪən/


  • 1Roman Mythology
    Of or like the god Jove (or Jupiter).

  • 2Relating to the planet Jupiter or the class of giant planets to which Jupiter belongs.

    ‘clouds in the Jovian atmosphere’
    • ‘the Jovian planets’
    • ‘Electromagnetic forces propel the dust out of the Jovian system, into interplanetary space.’
    • ‘Another Jovian moon, Io, surprised astronomers by indications of volcanic activity.’
    • ‘The orbiter spent eight years scrutinising the whole Jovian system and making multiple fly-bys of the four main moons.’
    • ‘The event, which took place on Feb. 22, 2001, was twice as powerful as any other eruption observed on the Jovian satellite.’
    • ‘The first recorded sighting was by Galileo, who observed its conjunction with Jupiter in 1612 and mistook it for one of the Jovian moons.’
    extraterrestrial, other-worldly, unearthly


  • A hypothetical or fictional inhabitant of the planet Jupiter.

    ‘Galileo wrote of people living on Jupiter, and how the moons of Jupiter would appear to Jovians, as opposed to the way we see them on Earth, but the other three looked to the Moon.’
    • ‘Anyway, we don't need a strong army, we just need a few destructive strikes before the Jovians are prepared.’
    • ‘Just as the Uranis were finally starting to organize themselves enough to cause damage, the Jovians, for no apparent reason, retreated and rode away.’
    • ‘Please encourage the Jovians not to look for us.’
    • ‘The suspense was worse than anything else the Jovians could do to them.’
    extraterrestrial, ET