Meaning of judgement seat in English:

judgement seat


  • 1mainly literary A judge's seat; a tribunal.

    ‘everything should be decided before the judgement seat of reason’
    • ‘The notion that the judge who orders equal division despatches the parties from the judgment seat without a sense of grievance and with a sense of being equally valued may instance a piece of judicial wishful thinking.’
    • ‘Paul said: ‘I am standing before the judgment seat of Caesar, where I ought to be judged.’’
    • ‘Asked how Blair would account for himself, Williams answered: ‘At the judgment seat.’’
    • ‘He moved the entire scene to his judgment seat in the Stone Pavement, where he could see priests and the crowd.’
    • ‘It involves the fidelity to office of important, well paid and powerful people who sit in the judgment seat.’
    • ‘In a colloquy over the trial of Rebecca, Sir Walter Scott had one of his characters say - ‘I ordered the hall for his judgement seat.’’
    • ‘The child saw walls of gold, the floors were made of silver, and the judgment seats were made of marble.’
    • ‘One is the image of the throne conceived as a judgement seat.’
    1. 1.1The place where the souls of the dead are judged by God.
      ‘a sin for which he would have to give an account at the Judgement Seat’
      • ‘The poem depicts the death of Gerontius and the journey of his soul towards the judgment seat of God.’
      • ‘From this pragmatic middle ground Jones moves into one of theology's imaginative constructs: the script Luther provides of the sinner standing before the judgment seat of God.’
      • ‘They should be motivated by the fear of God, remembering that we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ.’
      • ‘There was no convicting message to shake people out of their sins and to prepare them to face the judgement seat of Christ.’
      • ‘When Paul talks about ‘presenting everyone complete’ he is talking about that day when ‘we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ’ to give account of our lives and service.’
      • ‘People who are dead when Jesus Christ returns to the earth will be resurrected with their bodies, and then have to stand before the judgement seat to then be told if they are to receive everlasting life or everlasting death.’
      • ‘Let us endure all things looking forward to the judgement seat of truth.’
      • ‘The unfaithful Christian will suffer greatly at the judgement seat of Christ.’
      • ‘The believer then can stand before the judgment seat of Christ as confident as Jesus himself can stand there because it is in the righteousness of Christ he stands.’
      • ‘The title ‘king of the Jews,’ written uncompromisingly in three languages for all to read, accorded Jesus his rightful place on the judgment seat of the world.’
      • ‘Only as you stand before the judgment seat of Christ will we know how many lives have been touched and blessed through the ministry of CSF.’
      • ‘Christian tradition is not unfamiliar with the notion that we each occupy the judgment seat in our own case, that we mark our own selves out for condemnation or redemption.’
      • ‘Evangelicals agree that our lives will be reviewed before the judgment seat of Christ, and all that is unworthy will be burned away.’
      • ‘How will you feel when you are at the judgment seat of Christ?’
      • ‘On one hand, it is an image of judgment gone wrong, the travesty of justice that occurs when the judgment seat is occupied by one who is - as we all are - defined by his risky negotiation between power and powerlessness.’
      • ‘As Kipling so nearly said: ‘South is south and north is north and never the twain shall meet, until they both stand presently at God's great judgment seat.’’
      • ‘We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.’
      • ‘I wouldn't want to go to the judgment seat with a black mark of causing someone to commit suicide, even when the person is near death's door herself.’