Meaning of Judy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒuːdi/

nounplural noun Judies

  • 1The wife of Punch in the Punch and Judy show.

    lady, adult female, female
    1. 1.1British informal, dated A woman.
      • ‘Aeons before political correctness reared its ugly head, the gangsters and apes and crooks (his guys) and their dolls (cuties, tomatoes, pancakes, judies) infested a certain section of Broadway, the main artery of Manhattan.’
      • ‘A female may be my sheila, my bird, my charley, my good sort, my hot-drop, my judy or my wife, but she is never ‘my mate’.’’


Late 18th century (denoting a fool or simpleton): familiar form of the given name Judith.