Meaning of jug-eared in English:


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  • Having large, protruding ears.

    • ‘a jug-eared boy in grimy dungarees’
    • ‘Compared to Sergio, the jug-eared Arsenal reserve is a ham-fisted amateur.’
    • ‘Passionate about bridges and cement, he is middle aged, plain looking and jug-eared.’
    • ‘He was apparently a jug-eared coal shoveller who worked 70 ft below decks and died when the ship went down.’
    • ‘He then gets hired by a businesswoman/single mother who has a gap-toothed son and a jug-eared daughter.’
    • ‘I'm weary of this phoney controversy and tired of defending the jug-eared nincompoop.’
    • ‘I hope every fool who voted for that jug-eared clown has to suffer.’
    • ‘He's fit and trim in a slim-cut blue suit and handsome in a slightly jug-eared way.’
    • ‘The jug-eared Englishman meanwhile dressed down in a winter jacket, crumpled looking jeans and black trainers.’
    • ‘He's lanky, square-jawed, jug-eared, attractive in a nerdy way.’
    • ‘Jug-eared and barrel-chested, he still looks the part of the fighter.’


1940s from the supposed resemblance of the ears to jug handles.