Meaning of jugal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒuːɡəl/


  • 1Anatomy
    Relating to the zygoma (the bony arch of the cheek).

    ‘The depression is the scar marking the overlap of the jugal process of the zygomatic arch on to the maxilla, as in therian mammals generally.’
    • ‘The right zygomatic arch was fractured at the junction of the jugal and squamosal bones.’
    • ‘Across the jaw line, the surangular faces the quadratojugal and/or the jugal bones of the cheek region.’
    • ‘The zygomatic arch looks right, but the anterior portion is mostly maxilla, rather than jugal.’
    • ‘In order to make room for the bill, the jugal bar reaches the quadrate from a position more laterally than is usually the case.’
  • 2Entomology
    Relating to the jugum of an insect's forewing.


Late 16th century from Latin jugalis, from jugum ‘yoke’.