Main meanings of juggernaut in English

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Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌɡənɔːt/

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  • 1A huge, powerful, and overwhelming force.

    ‘the juggernaut of public expenditure’
    • ‘He described the development, which could start as early as 2007, as ‘a huge juggernaut heading this way’.’
    • ‘The Local Government forced amalgamation juggernaut is on its way.’
    • ‘People round the world look at the US and see a powerful, war-hungry juggernaut.’
    • ‘The two economic juggernauts justified their outright rejection of the proposal by citing past token concessions.’
    • ‘No third parties stand a chance against the two juggernauts.’
    • ‘They continue to resist the corporate juggernauts that routinely flatten talent into the pap of pop.’
    • ‘The corporate juggernauts remain untoppled, the patriarchy is restored.’
    • ‘Tan explores growing unease about the power of brands and of corporate juggernauts.’
    • ‘The juggernauts of consumerism and affluenza are upon us and we need to start somewhere now.’
    • ‘If everyone believes you're a political juggernaut, the theory goes, then you will become a political juggernaut.’
    • ‘Cemeteries remain largely untouched by the juggernaut of change.’
    • ‘To me, it seems frankly incredible that France could have imagined that they could somehow have stopped the juggernaut.’
    • ‘In Britain, at least, stupidity seems to be an unstoppable juggernaut.’
    • ‘They are dangerous, but it's because they are reckless and corrupt not because they are a political juggernaut.’
    • ‘I never thought about it as a juggernaut, and I never thought about it as my career.’
    • ‘But the reality is that the juggernaut just keeps rolling on and on.’
    • ‘Now that I know how to make the camera phone work, I am going to be an unstoppable juggernaut of stupid pictures.’
    • ‘It took Dutch farmers some two years to make their case in Brussels, however the EU juggernaut is revving up at this stage.’
    • ‘By saying no, the French and Dutch certainly slowed the European juggernaut.’
    1. 1.1British A large, heavy vehicle, especially an articulated lorry.
      ‘the juggernaut thundered through the countryside’
      • ‘Misha kept the map under her arm and walked back over to the black juggernaut, the Polish lorry driver climbing back into his cab.’
      • ‘It whizzes up steep hills with brio and remains stable as it passes coaches and juggernauts.’
      • ‘Now the juggernauts and caravans are thundering up again from the south coast on their extra lanes.’
      • ‘Try riding around Woolwich with juggernauts thundering along and get the feel of real danger.’
      • ‘At the southern end, within earshot of juggernauts thundering along the Embankment, there is a wild area with flowering shrubs and rare peonies.’
      • ‘They have put traffic calming islands in the road, but lorries just swerve round them like juggernauts.’
      • ‘No heating to 1,500 degrees centigrade, no cross-channel ferries, no juggernauts polluting the countryside as they thunder through the days and nights - this would be real recycling!’
      • ‘I had been stuck behind juggernauts on the A9, and was 45 minutes late.’
      • ‘I want to see if I can discover a route into work that avoids the juggernauts, mums and commuters on the main road.’
      • ‘Chandler and his control team were commandeering juggernauts to block off the dock piers one at a time.’
      • ‘He and Mike crossed back to the petrol station, watching with dismay as the black juggernaut turned a corner out of sight.’
      • ‘Swearing under his breath, he stopped the juggernaut and stepped out, taking the keys and pulling the door to.’
      • ‘The black juggernaut with its fourteen wheels drove past, all lit up in the accumulating darkness.’
      • ‘It was the lorry driver she saw yesterday, both by the given description of the driver and the juggernaut.’
      • ‘It also helps explain all those juggernauts streaming up the M74 and the A1 from the Channel ports and the mushrooming of distribution depots off every Scottish motorway.’
      • ‘Residents of a street blighted by a stream of juggernauts have given a slightly disbelieving welcome to Swindon Council's decision to close the road to through traffic.’
      • ‘He said that in the pre-bypass days the continuous flow of huge juggernauts through the centre virtually blocked out daylight into his pharmacy.’
      • ‘We've been fighting for two years now to stop these huge juggernauts negotiating this short stretch of road which has a 90 degree bend.’
      • ‘She added: ‘We get huge juggernauts just 12 inches from our fence, its ludicrous.’’
      • ‘This was actually what the proprietor said to them when he wandered out of his office - a converted trailer from a huge juggernaut.’
      heavy goods vehicle, juggernaut


Mid 19th century extension of Juggernaut.

Main meanings of Juggernaut in English

: juggernaut1Juggernaut2


Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌɡənɔːt/

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