Meaning of jugglery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌɡləri/


See juggler

‘They dominate the trapeze and engage in various balancing acts which includes foot jugglery and balancing on top of ladder.’
  • ‘They will participate in jugglery, stilt walking, acrobatics and a hundred other unusual programmes.’
  • ‘He teaches them limbo dance, slithering like a snake beneath bars placed at very low heights, and some jugglery with fire too.’
  • ‘The performance of jugglery with balls, words and other inventions is sure to leave the audience spellbound.’
  • ‘He learnt acrobatics, jugglery, dance, music, expression, balance and many other things at the circus school in Brussels.’
  • ‘The performance is not only a jugglery show, but a play with plenty of animation.’
  • ‘For those who might still dilly-dally whether to go for this jugglery show, here is what a leading critic has to say about them: "A very refined show in a very poetic slow motion ballet."’
  • ‘Jugglery, sleight-of-hand, fencing and acrobatics provided variety.’
  • ‘It was jugglery and acrobatics at their best.’
  • ‘We witnessed amazing feats of clowning, jugglery, and acrobatics.’