Meaning of jugular vein in English:

jugular vein


  • Any of several large veins in the neck, carrying blood from the head and face.

    ‘Anesthesia care providers must identify and locate the internal jugular veins for pulmonary artery catheter line placement.’
    • ‘Any disorder that blocks the flow of spinal fluid between the brain and its route to the blood, the jugular vein, can cause raised pressure.’
    • ‘One of the anterior jugular veins may have a midline position on the trachea and this must be remembered when performing tracheotomy.’
    • ‘Tinnitus of venous origin can be suppressed by compression of the ipsilateral jugular vein.’
    • ‘Blood collected from the brachial vein or the jugular vein was used to make blood smears.’
    • ‘Distally, they will lie between the carotid and the internal jugular vein.’
    • ‘Physical examination showed signs of cardiac dysfunction, including sinus tachycardia, distended jugular veins, hepatomegaly, and clubbing of the fingers.’
    • ‘He knew the jugular vein, in the neck, was the biggest vein in the entire body, close to the surface of the skin, and therefore easy to cut.’
    • ‘They literally had to replace all my old blood with new through the jugular vein in my neck.’
    • ‘The internal jugular vein is located in the neck.’
    • ‘Another landmark of occasional interest is the jugular foramen - a small hole where the jugular vein exits the braincase.’
    • ‘But Crosland said the jugular vein on the right side of his neck swelled up ‘twice the size of an egg.’’
    • ‘In patients with intracranial hypertension, compression of the jugular vein on the side of sound abolishes it.’
    • ‘The appearance of flushing of the face is due to disturbance in pressure in the carotid arteries and jugular veins.’
    • ‘It runs alongside the carotid artery and the jugular vein - treacherous terrain.’
    • ‘From many of these birds we collected blood samples from the jugular vein.’
    • ‘Cuts he suffered on his neck just missed his jugular vein.’
    • ‘He retaliated by pushing a glass into her neck, severing her jugular vein.’
    • ‘The procedure is performed via the internal jugular vein under local anaesthesia with sedation.’
    • ‘He trailed his fingertips along her throat, the jugular vein.’