Meaning of juice up in English:

juice up

phrasal verb

informal North American
  • 1juice something up, juice up somethingLiven something up.

    • ‘a friend needed help juicing up a fashion show’
    • ‘they juiced it up with some love interest’
    • ‘In fact, it's almost as if the situation of a love letter juices them up and gives them some of their best prose that they can then put into their fiction.’
    • ‘Anytime the pace seems to flag (it does so with clockwork precision) the music is juiced up and things explode and then our heroes are back where they started - negotiating even bigger plot-holes.’
    • ‘Portfolios have sunk along with the technology stocks that juiced them up.’
    • ‘They have juiced things up by turning Hyde into a sex fiend whose animal lusts culminate when he tears a prominent socialite to pieces.’
    • ‘Although Liman tries to juice things up by using atypical camera angles, all this does is to lend an artistic flavor to a series of otherwise banal explosions, shoot-outs, and car chases.’
    • ‘He's got to juice it up now; it's all or nothing this game.’
    • ‘But we wanted to juice it up with color and modern appliances.’
    • ‘So to juice it up, we made a short movie all about special effects.’
    • ‘But that would be silly, like tacking some ill-conceived speculation onto the end of a story about boring financial statements to juice it up a little.’
    • ‘The pressure to produce sensationalist news at whatever price that characterizes much of the media creates an environment conducive to cutting corners or juicing up a story with fabricated details.’
  • 2juice something up, juice up somethingSupply a device with electricity.

    • ‘the charger lets you juice up any USB-based gadget’