Meaning of jukebox in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒuːkbɒks/

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  • 1A machine that automatically plays a selected musical recording when a coin is inserted.

    ‘It's a compilation from the start of her career when she recorded with many bands and most of her records ended up in jukeboxes.’
    • ‘Someone throws a few coins into the jukebox and we are bombarded by Pink's ‘Lets get the party started’.’
    • ‘If you scooted them all a few inches or so this way, you could fit both a pinball machine and a jukebox along that wall.’
    • ‘The lack of a jukebox, dancefloor or fruit machines is in keeping with the York Brewery theme of pubs for drinking, eating and talking.’
    • ‘Blue walks over to his usual table, but stops at the jukebox first and selects a song.’
    • ‘This is one track you're not likely to find on too many jukeboxes in red states.’
    • ‘I peered into the jukebox's window, squinting and spinning my head with the record in an attempt to read the label.’
    • ‘The jukebox has fallen out of favour in recent years, due to the rise in popularity of the personal stereo amongst pub-goers.’
    • ‘Pubs usually stage karaoke evenings or have jukeboxes churning out the hits.’
    • ‘Councilmen visited drugstores and restaurants in the city, demanding that proprietors remove all rock records from their jukeboxes.’
    • ‘In Harlem, angry fans removed his records from jukeboxes and trampled them in the street.’
    • ‘He put a nickel in the jukebox and tossed back a few cold ones.’
    • ‘As they watched, one of the players shambled over to the jukebox and fed a handful of coins into it.’
    • ‘The jukeboxes in the bars were ringing with recordings made in Chicago and New York, rich with the promises of new opportunities.’
    • ‘I glanced over my shoulder to where Ashley was singing along by the jukebox.’
    • ‘I hung up and went to check out the selection on the jukebox.’
    • ‘But I'm concerned that live music is giving way to jukeboxes.’
    • ‘He wants pool tables, a jukebox, internet access, a proper bar and any other ideas the children come up with.’
    • ‘But it's worth considering the cost: I don't have to buy or rent the jukebox, and it's just twenty-five cents per song.’
    • ‘One of their friends repaired jukeboxes for a living.’
    1. 1.1Computing A device that stores several computer disks in such a way that data can be read from any of them.
      ‘In order to increase disk capacity in a jukebox, the physical size of the unit must be increased, which increases the cost of the unit.’
      • ‘DVD jukeboxes with 4.7GB capacity per disc may be a more suitable choice in situations where rapid data access is concerned.’
      • ‘The other traditional data storage, nearline archiving, involves moving the data to a slower media such as robotic tape and laser or magnetic optical jukeboxes.’
      • ‘While DVD-RAM for proprietary storage jukeboxes may be a viable prospect, the technology is losing ground in the optical standards race.’
      • ‘You can even have a DVD-RAM jukebox in practically any size that meets your needs.’


1930s from juke + box.