Meaning of juku in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒuːkuː/

nounplural noun juku

  • (in Japan) a private school or college attended in addition to an ordinary educational institution.

    ‘Students often supplement regular classes by attending a juku (cram school) after hours.’
    • ‘She talked first to a sixth-grader who is studying at a juku (cram school) to enter a private junior high school.’
    • ‘For two years, she has been sending her son, Atsuki, to cramming classes at Tokyo's Nichinoken, a juku that prepares students for entrance exams at elite junior high schools.’
    • ‘The Japanese have an extensive system of private after-hour tutoring schools called juku (for younger students) and yobiko (for high school students).’
    • ‘Each child, having already attended a full day of regular classes, has logged another couple of hours at a juku.’