Meaning of Juliet balcony in English:

Juliet balcony

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  • A very shallow balcony with a safety railing on an upper storey of a building.

    ‘At the far end of the limestone counter, a Juliet balcony overlooks the front of the house.’
    • ‘Murphy, 46, was captivated by a Juliet balcony, a feature found on a steadily growing number of Manhattan buildings.’
    • ‘The steel bridge continues through from inside to outside, and provides the second bedroom with a Juliet balcony.’
    • ‘My bedroom is 500 sq. ft. and the master suite has a private Romeo and Juliet balcony, an office, a yoga room, and a bathroom the size of most bedrooms.’
    • ‘Yet it is their very shallowness that makes Juliet balconies so appealing and versatile, Mr. McCullar said.’
    • ‘Take a table on the Juliet balcony and over cigars and Cosmopolitans contemplate the moon and the ocean or owning one of the luxury apartments towering above you.’