Meaning of jumar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒuːmə/


  • A clamp that is attached to a fixed rope and automatically tightens when weight is applied and relaxes when it is removed.

    brace, vice, press

verbverb jumars, verb jumaring, verb jumared

[no object]Climbing
  • Climb with the aid of a jumar.

    ‘the second climber jumars up the fixed rope’
    • ‘I was at the end of fixed ropes and did not wait for Ara to belay me who was still jumaring at the base of the wall.’
    • ‘Even so, climbers should be schooled in basic rock climbing and comfortable with jumaring and rappelling.’
    • ‘While the others sneaked in a last route or two, Anne ascended a static line, collecting her camera and jumaring toward the sky.’


1960s originally in Swiss use, of unknown origin.