Meaning of jump-up in English:



  • 1A jump in an upward direction.

    ‘they improvised with things lying around, such as jump-ups on to hay bails to work the legs’
    • ‘improved production volumes and gold prices resulted in a significant jump-up in the revenues’
    spring, jump, jump up, bound, dart
    1. 1.1An informal Caribbean dance or celebration.
      ‘the carnival celebrations end here today with the traditional street jump-up’
      • ‘apart from soca, calypso, and jump-up music, Lee was also a great exponent of ska music’
      • ‘I'd wolfed down a small bowl of cereal early Saturday morning and darted into the city to pick up last-minute Carnival regalia before the Monday jump-up: spray paint, glitter, cosmetics and stockings.’
      • ‘St Lucia's carnival was traditionally held in February as a pre-Lenten jump-up.’
      • ‘The director added that the two-day jump-up is not the its central thrust as it is more concerned with the development of Carnival.’
      • ‘As I drove to work on Friday morning, the last mentioned was bemoaning the fact that local calypsonians seem to vanish the minute the street jump-ups are over.’
      • ‘They must understand that it is not sufficient for them simply to march and then go to Woodford Square for a jump-up.’
      party, function, gathering, event, affair, occasion, festivities, festival, fete, carnival, gala, jamboree
  • 2Australian informal An escarpment.