Meaning of jump at in English:

jump at

phrasal verb

  • jump at somethingAccept an opportunity or offer with great eagerness.

    ‘I'd jump at the chance of a career in football’
    • ‘So when he invited me along on his business trip to Miami, I jumped at the opportunity.’
    • ‘She is keen to work here and if she got the right offer she would jump at the chance.’
    • ‘Even though he was in his mid sixties and had just survived a serious illness, Hoet jumped at the offer of new employment.’
    • ‘We would jump at the opportunity to work with the right director or choreographer.’
    • ‘That meant players felt they had to jump at any offer that was on the table or risk losing it.’
    • ‘When the opportunity to rejoin Bedford arose, he jumped at the chance.’
    • ‘Cirque du Soleil is back in town at the Royal Albert Hall and so naturally when the offer of tickets came up I jumped at it.’
    • ‘Napier City soccer coach Charlie Howe would jump at a top rugby coaching job if it was offered.’
    • ‘He jumps at the chance of working at the Royal Observatory in Australia.’
    • ‘With little or no attention from her demanding husband or her extremely self absorbed grown-up children, Shirley jumps at the chance of a two-week vacation to Greece with a divorced friend.’
    accept eagerly, leap at, welcome with open arms, seize on, snap up, grab, snatch, pounce on, go for enthusiastically, show enthusiasm for