Meaning of jump bail in English:

jump bail


  • Fail to appear for trial after being released on bail.

    • ‘he jumped bail and was on the run until his arrest’
    • ‘When both of them are set after the same slimy car thief who has jumped bail things get out of hand.’
    • ‘An east Yorkshire man who jumped bail after being arrested for drug smuggling eight years ago was jailed for six months yesterday.’
    • ‘He jumped bail right after the murders and was on the lamb for more than 20 years.’
    • ‘He was placed on a witness protection scheme but has now jumped bail and vanished.’
    • ‘He also faces a charge of jumping bail and has been considered a fugitive since 1974.’
    • ‘Police have made a television appeal to find a Bedford accountant who jumped bail two years ago facing a £100,000 theft charge.’
    • ‘Nail was later sentenced to more than 20 years' jail for his part in the crime; the police believed King probably jumped bail.’
    • ‘In fact, it was probably you who told Mitchell to put Tris under arrest for jumping bail.’
    • ‘Just last week, a California appellate court turned aside the appeal of Luster's conviction, saying he had forfeited his right to appeal by jumping bail.’
    • ‘After jumping bail to look after his terminally ill girlfriend, things change.’