Meaning of jump cut in English:

jump cut

Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌmp kʌt/

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  • (in film or television) an abrupt transition from one scene to another.

    ‘They stand alone, but can also be experienced as a lightning-quick montage of jumpcuts.’
    • ‘Presented in black-and-white documentary-style, with jumpcuts and hand-held shots, the spot dissolves to quick cuts from Ryan's speech before the Trumbull County organization.’
    • ‘Slick dramatic lighting and a varied, enjoyable color design smooth out the film's disjointing plot jump-cuts and occasional coincidences.’
    • ‘We used a lot of jump-cuts and flash-cuts because thoughts happen that way - they come and go suddenly.’
    • ‘There's a jump-cut from the boy stealing his father's car to the moment three days later when his body is found in the water.’


(also jump-cut)
[no object]
  • Make a jump cut.

    ‘the camera jump-cuts to a head-and-shoulders shot of the girl’
    • ‘It's nice to see Toback working with a decent budget, and the editing is very interesting: many of the dialogue sequences are filmed entirely in master shots, jump-cutting between takes instead of cutting away to alternate angles.’
    • ‘Zany jump-cuts throughout and an impressive supporting cast that includes the hilarious Janeane Garofalo as Matthew's wife make this wild-goose-chase-turned-revenge-plot refreshing and consistently funny.’
    • ‘Right on cue, we jump-cut to a 2003 Corey dressed like it's 1989.’
    • ‘We jump-cut in time, meeting everyone from a prostitute turned schoolteacher to a father who dials his disappeared daughter at a sex-shop number where no one ever answers.’
    • ‘The scenes run on or jump-cut into one another.’