Meaning of jump down someone's throat in English:

jump down someone's throat


  • Respond to what someone has said in a sudden and angrily critical way.

    • ‘I was about to say, before you jumped down my throat, that I agree with you’
    • ‘So here is another sincere apology for jumping down your throat.’
    • ‘But he didn't get an opportunity to tell them this information before they jumped down his throat and accused him of being unsupportive.’
    • ‘Ok, before you start jumping down my throat, let me explain.’
    • ‘I'm just hoping that he'll hear me through before jumping down my throat.’
    • ‘It was my editor, and before I could say a word, he jumped down my throat!’
    • ‘It was rude of me and you were just being a good friend and I had no right to just jump down your throat like that.’
    • ‘I was just thinking about my wife, but wait, let me explain, before you jump down my throat.’
    • ‘Now before you jump down my throat and accuse me of being totally ignorant as to what goes on backstage, let me explain my position.’
    • ‘He considered offering to take the pack, but knew she would just jump down his throat again about it.’
    • ‘You jump down my throat every time I try to be nice.’