Meaning of jump into bed with in English:

jump into bed with


  • Engage readily in having sex with (someone)

    • ‘Veronica was never the type to jump into bed with total strangers’
    • ‘You see I happen to know that my sister would never jump into bed with just any man unless she loves him.’
    • ‘Kate may not be the prettiest girl in the room, but she's for damn sure the one every guy wants to jump into bed with.’
    • ‘Mandy is a bright young woman who wants to better herself and is tired of being treated as a sex object, yet she still tends to find herself jumping into bed with inappropriate men.’
    • ‘After all, when you switch on TV these days everyone is jumping into bed with each other and people are using four-letter language much stronger than the stuff I ever use.’
    • ‘You don't get to know someone by jumping into bed with them.’
    • ‘An extraordinary marriage is on the cards in the United States; the Greens and the neo-conservative right are jumping into bed with each other.’
    • ‘Developer JHP has jumped into bed with the supermarket giant after its original partner, Marks and Spencer, pulled out last year.’
    • ‘I'll have you know that I don't jump into bed with any guy.’
    • ‘The Greens cannot wait to jump into bed with the Labour Party.’
    • ‘I'm not one of those people who will jump into bed with someone easily.’