Meaning of jump out in English:

jump out

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phrasal verb

  • Have a strong visual or mental impact; be very striking.

    ‘advertising posters that really jump out at you’
    • ‘But these aspects of a novel are often what jumps out at me.’
    • ‘Still, as I'm cutting up the paper I scan the pages and occasionally a photo or header jumps out at me.’
    • ‘From the air, the helipad atop the roof of the Leeds General Infirmary jumps out at you, the great white cross unmissable.’
    • ‘Long after the conversation is over, this is what jumps out as the most surprising.’
    • ‘If you look at the appendix that follows the paper, one fact immediately jumps out.’
    • ‘Far too often as I scan the list of regional death notices a name from my hometown jumps out.’
    • ‘I struggle with my memories as the vaguely familiar face jumps out from the front cover of the book.’
    • ‘The walls are a pale pink and now the flock wallpaper jumps out at you.’
    • ‘It could be a particular song that just speaks to you, or a verse that jumps out.’
    • ‘There is not a lot of talent jumping out at any new manager or selectors but what we do have is a lot of talented players of the same like.’