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jump rope


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North American
  • A length of rope used for jumping by swinging it over the head and under the feet; a skipping rope.

    ‘Though it weighs mere ounces and takes up less space than an extension cord, a jump rope provides one of the most effective, comprehensive workouts you'll ever experience.’
    • ‘But then the girls come over and shyly ask, ‘Do you have the jump rope?’’
    • ‘And if you don't mind looking a little silly, you don't need a jump rope: Just pretend it's there by jumping in place while swinging your arms.’
    • ‘Rest 30 seconds before starting again with the jump rope.’
    • ‘A jump rope twined around a girl's leg describes the listlessness and boredom of a late summer day, as does a gangly teen lazily holding a baseball bat.’
    • ‘I packed a jump rope and used my carry-on bag as a weight.’
    • ‘If only it were as simple as a jump rope and a few yo-yos.’
    • ‘All you need are a couple of dumbbells, a jump rope, a chin-up bar, an adjustable bench, and about an hour to spare three times a week.’
    • ‘Pack a jump rope and exercise bands to make it more effective.’
    • ‘I usually mix my jump rope in with different weight-training intervals.’
    • ‘Run laps at a track, ride a bike or grab a jump rope and hop to it!’
    • ‘To make sure your workout is covered no matter what, pack a pair of walking shoes, a jump rope and a set of exercise bands.’
    • ‘Her friends get angry when she refuses to let them borrow her jump rope.’
    • ‘I noticed a jump rope lying on my floor from when my mother had been trying to convince me to exercise earlier in the week.’
    • ‘Then he grabbed something like a jump rope and started exercising his legs.’
    • ‘A group of preteen girls and a jump rope brought back memories of her childhood.’
    • ‘The jump rope is considered by most the single best piece of exercise equipment you can own.’
    • ‘All that was left was a jump rope, a kind of squishy soccer ball, and a croquet set.’
    • ‘A jump rope costs only dollars and can be used by anyone, no matter her level of fitness.’
    • ‘Book hotels with pools or gyms and consider squeezing a jump rope into your duffel.’


[no object]North American
  • Play or exercise using a skipping rope.

    ‘Then the IBF mandatory challenger went back to jumping rope.’
    • ‘At the end of the workout, Jameel McCline started to jump rope.’
    • ‘Ride a stationary bike for 15 minutes, walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes, then jump rope for 15 minutes.’
    • ‘You can do 15 minutes on a treadmill, then 15 minutes of rowing, followed by 15 minutes of jumping rope.’
    • ‘I suddenly remembered the countless hours I'd spent in my local playground, jumping rope with the neighborhood kids.’
    • ‘Now, back home, I jump rope every morning.’
    • ‘At the end everyone joins in to jump rope.’
    • ‘You can learn a lot jumping rope with girls.’
    • ‘I couldn't run, I couldn't jump rope, couldn't ride a bike.’
    • ‘A group of kids were jumping rope along the sidewalk mid block.’
    • ‘She was jumping rope, her golden curls bouncing in the lukewarm sunlight.’
    • ‘She's watching the black girls jump rope.’
    • ‘If you can jump rope for 20 minutes you are in fairly good condition.’
    • ‘When jumping rope, remember to be light on your feet and try not to lock your knees.’
    • ‘So they have him jumping rope and moving balls around his legs, strange stuff that frustrates him.’
    • ‘She hurt her foot jumping rope.’
    • ‘Can you remember the last time you jumped rope?’
    • ‘Even though jumping rope left me gasping for air, it also got me revved up for the day, and I felt full of energy.’
    • ‘He also runs, jumps rope and practices footwork drills.’
    • ‘He has also resumed jumping rope after laying off for three years because of an old foot injury.’