Meaning of jump seat in English:

jump seat


mainly North American
  • An extra seat in a car or taxi that folds back when not in use.

    ‘During these training sorties, the instructor sits in the modified jump seat between the pilot's and copilot's seats, and the student occupies the copilot's seat.’
    • ‘He returns to his seat and I take the jump seat in the cockpit.’
    • ‘Are we to believe that Frank just hopped on a cockpit jump seat for his free ride with all the pilots in the airport having been warned to be on the lookout for a man fitting just his description?’
    • ‘Attendants found Naghani, who had been drinking before the flight, smoking in one of the toilets and made him sit near the lavatory in a jump seat, where he become angry, Reuters reports.’
    • ‘Since the jump seat was open, the pilots allowed one of us to sit up front during each takeoff and landing - yet another bonus of this flight which was rapidly exceeding all our expectations.’
    • ‘O'Brian struggled with the bars of the jump seat.’
    • ‘But, ultimately, we want to restore the reciprocal jump seat because it will be an enhancement to safety and security, not a detriment.’
    • ‘Sitting on the jump seat is relatively comfy like sitting behind the captain and first officer on a jumbo jet, though not as spacious.’
    • ‘The military pilot in the jump seat did not speak up because, not being part of the crew, he didn't feel it was his place to say anything.’
    • ‘If a pilot has a license, that he's a pilot for another airline, does he automatically get a jump seat?’
    • ‘Then he went on two combat runs, sitting in a jump seat behind the primary navigator.’
    • ‘He is permitted to fly in a jump seat near the captain, enabling him to supervise the cargo throughout the flight.’
    • ‘It would be the last time the pilots would happily agree to the former South African cricket captain using their jump seat.’
    • ‘He grabbed my trouser belt and wrapped his arm round the jump seat.’
    • ‘The door closed at 13:30 local time and I made my way forward into the cockpit and took my place on the leather-covered, tube-framed jump seat behind the pilots.’
    • ‘John was in front of the president and I was in front of Ms. Kennedy and we were on jump seats with a space between the seats.’
    • ‘Always a bit of a pain when strapped in to jump seats facing sideways in the plane, but that was a minor discomfort compared to some places he'd been recently.’
    • ‘It turned out that the 400 pound box was safe, but it crushed the jump seats in his mom's car.’
    • ‘Our friendly flight attendants were strapped into their jump seats for the entire flight, on Captain's orders.’
    • ‘Rear passengers in the extended cabs also benefit from the new design with jump seats now facing forward instead of sideways.’