Meaning of jump shot in English:

jump shot

Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌmp ʃɒt/


  • 1Basketball
    A shot made while jumping.

    ‘Once you have established your jump shot and layup, add shots off the dribble or drives to the hoop.’
    • ‘JR is a sound backcourt player with incredible range on his jump shot.’
    • ‘Then I have them go straight up, shoulders squared to the basket, and do a jump shot.’
    • ‘When you played in groups, they didn't want you to dunk, so you had to pull up for a jump shot.’
    • ‘Depending on the position of my defender, I can also fake a jump shot, get my man in the air, and go around him.’
  • 2Billiards Snooker
    A shot in which the cue ball is made to jump over another ball.