Meaning of jump the rails in English:

jump the rails


(also jump the track)
  • (of a train) become dislodged from the track.

    ‘the engine jumped the rails on its maiden run’
    • ‘it's an action movie so fast it threatens to jump the rails’
    • ‘A report by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada reveals that improperly supported track joints led to surface defects on both rails, causing a CN train to jump the track in May 2003.’
    • ‘He and his co-driver were trapped in their cab after the train jumped the rails and ploughed into trackside gardens.’
    • ‘The accident happened when the train jumped the rails at a level crossing in Wigtownshire and landed on its side.’
    • ‘Shortly thereafter it started down the steep grade approaching the horseshoe curve where it came to grief, jumping the track, overturning the engine, and destroying four of the wooden cars.’
    • ‘A moment later, she heard a thudding noise that sounded as though the train wheels had jumped the track and were now riding on the wooden ties.’
    • ‘There was a slight hiccup on Saturday when the locomotive jumped the rails on its way back to Bury after the Heywood station celebrations.’
    • ‘A 3,000-foot section of track was ripped off the gravel bed where 11 of the coaches jumped the track, leaving wreckage for a quarter of a mile.’
    • ‘Having jumped its rails the express train and the freight load collided at a combined speed of nearly 200 mph with devastating impact.’